To send Resident cards or mail, please use the following address:

Sudbury Pines Extended Care – Resident Name/Room Number – 642 Boston Post Road – Sudbury, MA 01776

Email – with the Resident name in the Subject Section – the email will be printed and  delivered to the resident by the Business Office Monday through Friday 9-5PM

Fax Number – 978-440-9423 – please call the facility to check the fax machine in the front office so the fax may be delivered to the resident

If the resident has a telephone, then you can use the AUTOMATED ATTENDANT and call directly into the room but you must get the Extension Number first to bypass the Operator. The access number is 978-440-9090, wait for the recorded voice and dial the extension. You can use the Automated Attendant to access any of the Extensions in the building to speak to the staff based on department.

To speak with the nurse caring for your loved one call 978-440-9090 and dial 233 for Station I or 238 for Station II.