At Sudbury Pines Extended Careour meal times are 8AM, Noon and 5PM. Residents requesting room service for meals may expect their trays to be delivered approximately 15 minutes prior to those time frames. Our Dietary Department is open from 5:30 AM until 7:30PM. The Kitchen provides excellent meals that are in a five week rotation and utilize all the seasonal fruits, vegetables, and baked goods prepared by our baker. The menus are changed quarterly and often we have theme dinners and parties as well as regular week-long menus that coordinate with activities events. The Dietary department attends Resident Council monthly to incorporate resident requests and preferences. With a patient population that changes regularly, that meeting creates many different alternates which are well received by all the residents.

Families who visit during meals are encouraged to sign up for meals at no extra cost an hour before mealtimes so they can have a tray prepared and eat with their loved one. The family will receive the meal scheduled for that day, but please recognize that many of our residents are on specialized diets that may also be modified for consistency. Please do not share your food with anyone since many of our residents could be put at risk if they were not to receive the meal prepared as the Physician ordered. For that same reason, please consult with Nursing before bringing in any food from home for your loved one because it may have to altered by the kitchen to prevent a choking hazard.

If you want to bring in food prepared in your home for the resident for a specific treat, please bring such in marked reheatable containers that are dated and have the residents name clearly written and instructions as to how long to microwave the contents.

Nourishments are offered throughout the day at 10AM, 2PM, 7PM and at bedtime. The snacks are sandwiches, cookies, baked goods, pudding. shakes or just juices and drinks, depending on how hungry a resident may be. We find that many elders have decreased appetites so we try to spread out the calories throughout the day. Many of our activities are food based to increase the residents nutritional and fluid intake as well.

Vending machines are available in the Small Dining room, across the Hall from the Large Dining Room on Station I. The machines make change but if you need currency broken please see the Business Office located on the lower level.