Sudbury Pines Extended Care has a Beauty Salon located in the lower level of the building, easily accessible via the elevator. The hairdresser does wash and sets, color treatments, perms, and can accommodate most requests on a case by case basis. The hairdresser may provide services on the Main level for those unable to be reasonably accommodated downstairs. Barber Services are also provided by the hairdresser.

If you wish to make an appointment, please contact the Unit Secretaries at the Nursing Station (Extension 233 Station I, Extension 238 station II) and confirm a date and time.Please understand that the hairdresser does not work for Sudbury Pines and schedules may need to be changed based on availability. The hairdresser bills directly to the resident or the financially responsible party and her contract for services is separate from the agreements with Sudbury Pines Extended Care. If SPEC manages the resident funds then we can work directly with the hairdresser and there need be no other parties involved given available funds.

The hours of operation and charges are available from Social Services or Activities Coordinator.