Sudbury Pines Extended Care allows for 24 hour a day visiting. If you intend to come after 8PM at night or before 10AM in the morning that you call first to make sure that your loved one is still awake and up for your visit or ready for the day. Since most of our resident share a room we would prefer after hours visiting to be done in one of our common areas so the roommate is not disturbed.

Children are welcome, but we request that you monitor their actions and not allow them wander into any other patient rooms. The potential for exposing our residents to any childhood illnesses or just the common cold could be life threatening; please do not bring sick children in and postpone your visit. If activity level or noise is a concern for the roommate then please feel free to visit in a common area or in the child daycare area downstairs.

If you feel that you may be coming down with any contagious illness like a cold and/or flu we request that you postpone visiting until such time as you are no longer sick. Most of our residents are immuno-compromised and therefore very susceptible to any virus or infection, which  could compromise their health. Please call instead of physically visiting – your cooperation in this regard could save a life.

Pets are very welcome at Sudbury Pines Extended Care. We ask that you make sure  the pet has had all vaccinations and  be leashed. We also request that you check with the nurse before bringing any animals into the resident room since indeed the roommate may have allergies. In such an event, you can of course visit with your loved one and pet in one of our common rooms.