If you are considering admission into any Skilled Nursing Facility, evaluate the Survey Results, Staffing Patterns, Physician Availability, Spectrum of Services and Access to the Owners (the person who can address your problems). It is the Owner’s name and reputation on the line for all care given to the residents. AT SUDBURY PINES, WE RECOGNIZE THIS CENTER IS THEIR HOME AND WE MAKE OUR RESIDENT’S SAFETY, CARE AND COMFORT OUR FIRST PRIORITY!

In contemplating a facility, consider that many facilities are not able to address many of the physiological and behavioral changes that could result during your loved ones extended stay. Many stages of certain diagnoses result in more complex medical care needs and/or level of agitation and escalation of behavior. Often these declines results in having to move your family member to another facility which is often very disruptive. Relocation, because the resident’s needs exceeding the Skilled Nursing Facility capabilities such as the distinct possibility of a need for Hospice Care or a Behavioral Unit, is very traumatic for the patient and stressful for the family.  Your family member or loved one needs Attending Physicians, Physicians Assistants and Nurse Practitioners who see the resident on a regular basis so that subtle changes can be noticed and attended to promptly.

Sudbury Pines Extended Care is a small family-owned business. Once admitted, residents and their loved ones become part of our family! Our staff have been with us for 10-30 years and are loyal employees who are devoted to their patients and dedicated to the facility.

In 1992, SPEC was the first to hire Nurse Practitioners (NPs) and receive Medicare recognition for their services. Having a Practitioner who works for the facility allows them to observe closely what is happening clinically with the residents and they are able to notice subtle changes because they see them often and in so many different activities and day to day events.

The Attending Physicians at Sudbury Pines, as well as the Physician Assistant, are available to answer any medical questions the resident or family may have regarding the clinical condition/needs of the patient. If your Practitioner is unavailable or with another resident then the Nurse Managers located on the Units will be sure to contact the first available professional, as soon as possible, so your questions/concerns can be addressed in a timely manner.

At SPEC, we offer Short Term Rehabilitation, Long Term Care, Hospice, Respite Care to a very diverse population. Many residents/patients are here for short-term rehabilitation necessitating physical, occupational and/or speech language therapy as a result of a hospitalization or surgical procedure.

Residents who are assigned to Station II, the Secured Behavior Unit, generally have a diagnosis that is psychiatric based  or a diagnosis that present the need for a safe secure setting. The secured unit ensures patient safety when behaviors such as agitation, rummaging, intrusiveness and eloping could be a concern.

Sudbury Pines has its own Hospice within the facility. In 2000, we were the first Skilled Nursing Facility in the country to develop and write the regulations that allows our staff to provide Hospice care.  A benefit of having an in-house Hospice is the peace of mind knowing that our staff are available 24/7. There is no wait for a response time as there would be if an outside hospice had to be called in an emergency or to talk with a Hospice Nurse or Social Worker.

Because of our good standing in the community our referrals come to us primarily through “word of mouth” from former residents and their families. Many patients have returned for care over the years as their medical needs/circumstances changed (i.e. a medical crisis,  need for rehabilitation after a hospitalization, long-term care or respite care). We have also cared for spouses, some of whom have been residents at the same time, able to share a room so they do not need to be separated after many years of marriage. SPEC is very fortunate to have stable long-term staff. It is very comforting for those who need to be readmitted to see familiar, friendly faces who work together as a team.

Finally, at Sudbury Pines Extended Care the Owner, Board of Directors, President, and Administrator are one in the same – Roberta C. Henderson – she has been doing this one job since 1983 – more than half of her life. Her door is always open and her name and reputation reflect the care and concern she has for her residents, their families and her staff.

We are proud that our driving force is the care, comfort and satisfaction of our residents. Administration, caregivers, and all staff members take patient care personally and we strive to create a home-like atmosphere.  Should you have any questions or concerns, or find the need for admission/readmission, please call 1-800-337-3422 or 1-978-443-9000.