Sudbury Pines Extended Care allows resident smoking in designated areas on the property as long as the Smoking Policy is adhered to by the resident and family. Smoking is not a right but a privilege and with all privileges come responsibilities. If the Smoking Policy is not followed then the facility reserves the right to exclude the resident from smoking either temporarily or permanently. The policies are as follows:

1. The resident will be assessed at least quarterly for the ability to smoke safely

2. All smoking materials must be provided by the resident and/or family. This includes the cigarettes and lighters. The facility will not provide these items; however, shopping for them can be arranged through Social Services if funds are available.

3. The resident is not allowed to hold onto the smoking materials.  All cigarettes and lighters must be surrendered to nursing by the resident and/or family. Holding onto any such material is a violation of the Smoking Policy

4. There will be no smoking in the building ever!

5. Smoking must be supervised by a staff member. Independent smoking is not allowed at Sudbury Pines. Visitors may not act as supervision during smoking breaks –  only staff have that responsibility.

6. Smoking times are restricted to 7:30AM, 9:30AM, 11:30AM, 1:30PM, 4:30PM, 6:30PM, 8:30PM. Anyone found smoking between those times or found smoking without a staff member in visual sight who is assigned to that task will be violating the Smoking Policy. Smoking times are approximate since staff may be busy at the time.

7. The resident will extinguish all cigarettes and dispose of them in the appropriate recepticle  never bringing into the building a previously lit cigarette.

8. The resident will never borrow money, cigarettes, or lighters from the other residents or staff – if you run out of cigarettes and have not planned sufficiently to obtain more cigarettes and lighters then you will have to wait out the scheduled Smoking Breaks until such time as the next shopping trip by Social Services can be arranged to re-stock your supply which will be locked up at the nurses station.

9. The resident will wear a smoking apron if so assessed.

10. The resident will understand that if other behaviors are in question then the facility reserves the right to withhold smoking privileges in the interim until there is compliance/cooperation.

11. Continual smoking violations may risk smoking privileges for all participants.

12. If SPEC does not manage your funds then the resident smoker must make sure that the individual holding the funds shops and provides the materials – cigarettes/tobacco/lighters – well before the supply runs out.