Our mission is to strive to provide comprehensive services while maintaining the
highest quality standards, along with the provision of quality care that enhances the
life choices of all in a skilled yet dignified and caring environment.


Our Patient Is: Our guest and our friend
Our client and customer
Our clinical reputation and professional image
Our employer and sense of purpose.
Our Commitment Is: To their safety and comfort – Sudbury Pines is their new HOME!
To their effective and appropriate medical intervention
To their individual needs and rights
To their healthcare and lifestyle goals
To their trust in our professional and clinical competence
To their expectations, as we care for them with our services.
Our Community Is: Our patients (past, present, and future)
Our neighbors (known and unknown)
Our local civic groups and businesses
Our local support services and religious organizations
Our hospitals and emergency services
Our regulatory agencies and overseers
Our families, as we aim to address all potential and existing needs with our involvement.
Our Employees Are: Our past and present
Our investment in the future
Our trusted liaisons
Our image and reputation
Our greatest asset and strength
Our foundation for growth, development and expansion
Our family, a loyal symbol to our continued quality care improvement through their dedication.